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Would your church or organization be interested in hosting any of the following courses from CTI?
Each of the following courses will be available July, 2012.
    – Basic Training in Creation/Evolution (1-day)
    – Advanced Training in Biblical Creation (1 ¼ days)
    – Making Christian Education Life-Changing (1-day)

Basic Training in Creation/Evolution
This course helps prepare Christians to better understand God’s Word and have answers when talking to non-believers. Excellent for High school and above
  - About creation (Who is the Creator?)
  - What is happening in the American education system
  – The days of creation: why they are literal days
  – The Genesis flood
  – Millions of years and the problem of death before sin
  – Basic apologetics (defending the faith)
  – Answering the question: “Who made God?”
  – Understanding how scientists date fossils and rocks
  – Why the scientific evidence supports a young earth
  – Why the origin of life is a show stopper to evolutionists
  – Why mutations and natural selection do not support evolution
  – Questions to ask an evolutionist

Advanced Training in Biblical Creation and Apologetics
  – The biblical mandate to defend the faith
  – The current state of apologetics in the church
  – What is a biblical worldview?
  – What are presuppositions?
  – The use and limits of evidences
  – The transcendental Argument for God’s Existence (TAG)
  – Issues in science
  – Spotting and responding to logical fallacies
  – Knowing how to answer gay rights
  – The value of good questions
  – Theodicy: dealing with suffering , evil and Hell
  – The Gospel and the liberal Christian

Making Christian Education Life-Changing
Excellent for Sunday school teachers, Christian school teachers, homeschool educators, and Christian university professors
  – Communication skills that enhance learning
  - Christian education is more than passing a test
  – The learner model (teacher, subject, content, style, student)
  – The biblical definition of teaching
  – Grading our teaching efforts
  – The 80% goal – educating for success
  – Setting and establishing the end result
  – The Sunday hour of training

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Mike’s Next Speaking Engagements:
- January 7-9: Milan, Michigan, Milan Baptist Church
- January 22-23: Morris, Alabama, Enon Baptist Church
- January 28-30; Leeds, Alabama, First Baptist Church
- February 19; West Chester, Ohio, Providence Bible Fellowship
- February 26-27: Brownsville, TN, Brownsville Baptist Church
- March 24-27 Sierra, CA, Sierra Baptist Church

How to request an event
Phone: (859) 250-7987

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CTI Mission

The mission of Creation Training Initiative is to equip Christians worldwide to be effective teachers and speakers on the subject of biblical creation
……So that
The next generation can be trained to stand firm on biblical truth and defend their faith.



Christian Teacher/Leader Training Class (CTT)

Learn how to speak or teach on Biblical Creation

This one-day course covers four topics:

1. Understanding Creation and Biblical authority
2. Christian apologetics
3. Understanding the scientific evidence
4. Christian education: educating for success

For more information and a detailed outline: More info
For a current schedule of courses: CTT Schedule

Get Answers to hundreds of questions about creation/evolution


The Bible & Creation...Ice Age
Fossils... Noah's Ark...
Many More...

Apologetics Seminars
Mike's PowerPoint Slides

Can you answer these questions?

- Where did Cain get his wife?
- How do you fit dinosaurs into the Bible?
- Why did Jesus have to suffer and die on the Cross?
- Couldn't God have used evolution?
- Has evolution been proven true?

Learn how to use the principles of 1 Peter 3:15 and 2 Corinthians 10:4-5.

Four training seminars on apologetics

Apologetics 101: Answering the Challenges
Apologetics 201: Answering More Challenges
Apologetics 301:Genesis and Biblical Discernment
4 Power Questions to Ask an Evolutionist

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Do You have a Biblical Worldview

Responding to Diversionary Tactics

Apologetics 101

Apologetics 201

4 Power Questions to Ask

Christian Education